The Office Group



No. of Units


Project Scale

25,000 sqft


Interior Architecture and FF&E Design



Reviving Grandeur

MAWD worked with co-working pioneers The Office Group on some of their first projects in a nationwide launch, each interior tailored to the location. With their architectural training, Elliot and James are uniquely skilled at making a project's interior language reflect the exterior.

At Liverpool Street, the listed building inspired MAWD to update the traditional Victorian interior with modern insertions. The more intimate “club” areas layer in a hospitality feel for a “live, work, play” interior.

march-white-TOG-Liverpool-street-exterior march-white-TOG-Liverpool-street-exterior

An architectural muse for Sir John Betjeman, overlooking Liverpool Street Station

— The Office Group

Keep Calm and Carry On

50 Liverpool Street survived London bombings in both World Wars, and MAWD was determined to honor the building's strong, rich history with an updated but authentic interior. The space mixes up the classic and contemporary with arched windows that look into Liverpool Street station itself.

march-white-TOG-Liverpool-street-reception march-white-TOG-Liverpool-street-reception

Spaces for All Needs

Features include seven meeting rooms, phone booths, kitchen, lounge, and private and co-working offices.

march-white-TOG-Liverpool-street-coworking march-white-TOG-Liverpool-street-coworking
march-white-TOG-Liverpool-street-meeting march-white-TOG-Liverpool-street-meeting

From Incongruous to Ingenious

A 1980's-era mezzanine required a clever design solution for seamless integration. MAWD brought back traditional detail to the walls, and then created a modern insertion to hide the mezzanine. The design makes it seem as though the meeting rooms are floating in the beautiful, historic interior.

march-white-TOG-Liverpool-street-board-room march-white-TOG-Liverpool-street-board-room

Unique Design

The Office Group understand everyone works differently, and each of its locations reflects this, with different design, aesthetics and workspaces to choose from.

march-white-TOG-Liverpool-street-kitchen march-white-TOG-Liverpool-street-kitchen

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