Bizzi & Partners Development


Rafael Viñoly Architects

No. of Units

3 model residences

Project Scale

12,000 sqft


Interior Architecture and FF&E Design



A Custom Experience

At the Sales Suite for 125 Greenwich, residents were able to experience the three rich, textured palette options designed by MAWD, named Aqua, Terra and Stratus in reference to the Hudson River, the Downtown area and the sky.

In addition to being inspired by the neighborhood, the interiors had to echo the architecture of a master. Rafael Viñoly Architects are responsible for some of the most beloved civic and cultural buildings around the world, including award-winning museums, performing arts centers, convention centers, arenas, hotels and residential complexes as well as large urban commercial and institutional master plans.

125-Greenwich-Vinoly-sales-suite-gallery-office 125-Greenwich-Vinoly-sales-suite-gallery-office

The interior is quite dark, a little mysterious, but comfortable and warm.

— New York Times
125-Greenwich-Vinoly-sales-suite-gallery 125-Greenwich-Vinoly-sales-suite-gallery
125-Greenwich-Vinoly-sales-suite-lounge 125-Greenwich-Vinoly-sales-suite-lounge

Details Matter

MAWD created a sales suite that would achieve the goals of the residences, which was to amplify space, light and the building's architecture. Time and attention were taken to confirm every design choice was perfect and reflected the overall aesthetic of Viñoly's vision.

In addition, to take advantage of the sales suite's height, special conservation was given to layouts and placement, and seating groupings were positioned to maximize the phenomenal views.

125-Greenwich-Vinoly-sales-suite-living 125-Greenwich-Vinoly-sales-suite-living

Look and Feel

While a sales suite needs to incorporate the materials used in residences, it is equally if not more important to convey the feel.

125-Greenwich-Vinoly-sales-suite-bar 125-Greenwich-Vinoly-sales-suite-bar

At Home in the Sky

The apartments at 125 Greenwich are multi-adaptable, functioning differently depending on the time of day and use, and it was important that the sales suite allowed for movement in the same way. In the master bedroom, the bed was placed in the center of the room to optimize flow. Symmetry and proportion were central to planning the bathrooms, which feature bespoke surfaces and fittings.

125-Greenwich-Vinoly-sales-suite-sink 125-Greenwich-Vinoly-sales-suite-sink
125-Greenwich-Vinoly-sales-suite-bedroom 125-Greenwich-Vinoly-sales-suite-bedroom
125-Greenwich-Vinoly-sales-suite-studio 125-Greenwich-Vinoly-sales-suite-studio

Twenty-Four / Seven Living

Informed by the experience of designing for superyachts, where clean efficient design is a must in even the most opulent of spaces, appliances at 125 Greenwich were designed to be concealed behind millwork when not in use, resulting in a modern, efficient presentation that is more "bar" than "kitchen."

The result is designed to appeal to 125 Greenwich's demographic, a group that appreciates both quality and efficiency in their home.

125-Greenwich-Vinoly-sales-suite-detail 125-Greenwich-Vinoly-sales-suite-detail

Engaging the Senses

While the views at 125 Greenwich speak for themselves, the materials within the sales suite needed to be experienced to understand the quality of finishes.

125-Greenwich-Vinoly-sales-suite-kitchen 125-Greenwich-Vinoly-sales-suite-kitchen

Three Distinct Palettes

At every turn in 125 Greenwich Street, MAWD took great care to select refined, enduring materials and finishes, and each residence reflects with a custom-designed palette. The sales suite needed to do the same. With subtle, complementary hues borrowed directly from the elements, bespoke surfaces and fittings were carefully selected for each palette, along with expanses of Calacatta Covelano marble, stone and polished nickel.

125-Greenwich-Vinoly-sales-suite-dining 125-Greenwich-Vinoly-sales-suite-dining

Our goal was to create a space that could communicate not only the aesthetics of 125 Greenwich, but also the experience.

— Elliot March
125-Greenwich-Vinoly-sales-suite-artwork 125-Greenwich-Vinoly-sales-suite-artwork
125-Greenwich-Vinoly-sales-suite-view 125-Greenwich-Vinoly-sales-suite-view

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