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MAWD is aware of the responsibility that comes with selecting the materials and the processes we use in the creation of the interiors we design. We’re developing a series of commitments that take sustainability from an after-thought to an integral piece of the interior design process.

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Researching well sourced materials

We invest time and resource into knowing the latest innovations in recycled and well sourced materials and are developing proof of concept in our latest upcoming projects.

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Conscious design philosophy

We strive to specify FF&E products that have a positive impact on the environment. MAWD aims to support our architectural partners by promoting products that contribute to LEED & WELL accreditation and ensure that our clients are aware of these options and their benefits. MAWDmade showcases our first steps into designing a conscious luxury furniture collection that contributes to this accreditation.

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Knowledge transfer

In time we aim to become industry leaders in designing for the greater good, and having developed a significant knowledge base, will share this expertise with the wider interior design community through projects, products and continued learning opportunities.