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10,000 sqft


Architecture, Interior Architecture, FF&E Design



A Converted Recording Studio in Soho, London

The recording studio at Royalty Mews in Soho was used for many decades for music, film and television production. MAWD developed a story to reflect this industrial heritage based around the surrounding neighborhood's shift in character from day to night.

A light, calming palette luxuriates in the daylight, whereas color and metallic edges energize the interior by night. Polished metals shine against textural, granular bricks and dark, atmospheric walls. The project was a study in contrasts, much like Soho itself.

Royalty-Mews-London-MAWD-Exterior Royalty-Mews-London-MAWD-Exterior

The sculptural stair reflects the project's narrative as an art piece, but it also cleverly gained the developer square footage.

— James White
Royalty-Mews-London-MAWD-Stair Royalty-Mews-London-MAWD-Stair
Royalty-Mews-London-MAWD-Entrance Royalty-Mews-London-MAWD-Entrance

A Story of Soho

24 hours in Soho can get reckless occasionally! Royalty Mews was composed to stage every scene of the design story with a sublime and enduring elegance ... but also with an edge.

Singularly beautiful and selected for their durability, the materials and finishes selected for Royalty Mews define the pursuit of the very finest quality.

Royalty-Mews-London-MAWD-Kitchen Royalty-Mews-London-MAWD-Kitchen

Tranquility + Proximity

Situated in a cobbled news yard behind the bustle of Dean Street, the tranquility of the location is unexpected given the proximity to the energy of the neighborhood.

Royalty-Mews-London-MAWD-Living-Room Royalty-Mews-London-MAWD-Living-Room
Royalty-Mews-London-MAWD-interior-design Royalty-Mews-London-MAWD-interior-design

A Discerning Character

When designing Royalty Mews, MAWD conceptualized a "muse" who would live, work and play in the space. The character lived an erudite, cultured and refined existence by day but was drawn to the classic era of rock excess by night. Opulent elegance was distilled with cool confidence in the interiors, layered onto Soho's manufacturing and industrial heritage.

Royalty-Mews-London-MAWD-bedroom Royalty-Mews-London-MAWD-bedroom

More than an address, Royalty Mews is an intriguing entry zone to an exhilarating way of living.

— Royalty Mews

Style vs Fashion

A project that slowly reveals itself, Royalty Mews is at once breathtakingly beautiful and quietly intriguing. Responding to its location, the vision is then filtered through a rouge, rock-and-roll edge that is both of-the-moment and has a long, enduring appeal. The result is a thrilling new episode in an ongoing creative story.

Royalty-Mews-London-MAWD-artwork Royalty-Mews-London-MAWD-artwork
Royalty-Mews-London-MAWD-garden Royalty-Mews-London-MAWD-garden

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