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MARCUS a unique retail experience for lovers of luxury, a curation of unique timepieces and rare objets d’art.

MARCUS and MAWD started the design concept five years ago with the brief to create something unexpected, a truly unique ‘Alice in Wonderland’ experience. They began by reimagining the journey through the listed townhouse, calling upon MAWD’s superyacht and hospitality experience to consider the journey through the building.

The traditional experience of arrival into a lobby, staircase and beyond is disrupted.
The heritage reception room with bespoke display cabinets hinting at the curation beyond.
I was introduced to James by a mutual friend who is an authority in interior design and had already worked on a major project with him. My brief was exacting, requiring both taste and huge attention to detail. James delivered a product that exceeded my expectations, on time and only marginally above budget due to the small changes I requested along the way. Needless to say, we are now great friends.
Marcus Margulies

The building provides offices for Marcus and Time Products on its upper floors.

MAWD’s design for Marcus is based on the unexpected, but maintains a sense of continuity between spaces. On reaching the first floor, you enter an elegant drawing room with spectacular views across the Square, thoughtfully restored with bespoke display cabinets as well as a secret cabinet containing some of the most unique watch and jewellery collections in the world.

The superyacht inspired lift takes you to the collector’s room, that is home to a unique selection most of watches and jewellery.
The staircase was designed to add a theatrical element, with a custom made three-story lighting feature, dark green walls and a bold deep red silk runner.

The townhouse was tailored towards exclusivity, luxury and heritage.

Guests are taken to a stunning heritage reception room with bespoke display cabinets to maximise the products.

The elegant drawing room has spectacular views, thoughtfully restored with bespoke display cabinets as well as a security cabinet containing a unique collection of watches.

The townhouse reveals more magical spaces as you move through.

A superyacht inspired lift takes you to the collector’s room, a library, a screening room and private dining space, with black reeded glass detailing concealing the adjoining kitchen, catering by the Ledbury, and creating the ultimate chef’s table.

Moroccan patterns and rustic textures provide a dramatic contrast to the preceding spaces.
Aged metal portals in the ‘curator’s gallery’ feature some of Marcus’s favourite items.
We were excited and fascinated by this unique brief. To create a private retail experience which introduces people to the unexpected while creating a space which also feels comfortable and homely. Working together with Marcus and the team over the last five years, we have restored and transformed this heritage building into something very special; a truly experiential journey through the highest quality objects, watches, furniture, art and design.
James White

As you navigate through the townhouse, you'll discover enchanting spaces, including a collector's room accessed by a lift inspired by superyachts.

During the past ten years my dream has increasingly been an exclusive business, selling unique pieces in a relaxed atmosphere to a clientele that values the product for its beauty and individuality, rather than as a commodity and status symbol. This is my definition of true luxury and I hope to have achieved it in our new premises.
Marcus Margulies

The townhouse is as much about its collaborators and all of those involved as it is the objets d’art and design.

The heritage rooms have been carefully restored and decorated in a light grey palette with timber chevron flooring and inlay carpets. The display cabinets add a softness with a subtle sycamore veneer and platinum metal edging details. As a contrast, the contemporary spaces are designed in dark, sultry tones with contemporary marquetry in the veneers, bronze-edged details and the gentle glow of intelligent lighting systems.

The restored wine cellar, with stone flags and brickwork provides the perfect humidity level for the exceptional wine collection.
The library encompasses a black reeded glass detailing concealing the adjoining kitchen.
With catering offered by the Ledbury, the Marcus Townhouse plays host to the ultimate chef’s table.