Private Townhouse

Private Residential
Client Confidential
Luxury Living
No. of Units
Project Scale
Interior Architecture & FF&E Design for all areas

Led by classic elegance

Guided by an atmosphere of refined elegance, this project was artfully customized to cater to our clients and their young family, evoking a welcoming hospitality ambience. With a focus on creating a space that exudes warmth and comfort, the interiors incorporate elements of delightful surprise, particularly noticeable in the cinema, family room and bar areas. These unexpected touches add an extra layer of intrigue and charm to the overall design.

Enter MAWD, which used its Experience-Centric Design process to design an interior that complemented both our clients vision and the residents’ lifestyles.

MAWD Townhouse Central Sitting Room
The Minotti lounge Seymour sofa brings a sleek and relaxed feel.
Townhouse Living Revised JW
This townhouse was tailored towards adding warmth and comfort.
Embracing the genuine essence of Townhouse living and inspired by its Central location, we carefully curated an interior design that captures the spirit of its surroundings. Incorporating textures and warm materials, we crafted a multi-dimensional living space that exudes a sense of timeless comfort.
James White
MAWD Townhouse Kitchen
Within the kitchen, a timeless monochrome palette sets the stage, enhanced by the addition of warm bronze tones incorporated into the intricate detailing.

Statement lighting and carefully selected decorative items align harmoniously.

MAWD Townhouse Hallway
Art Deco inspired entry.
MAWD Townhouse lighting
Soft lighting to evoke a homely feel.

The inclusion of modern paneling, achieves a striking balance between authentic, casual luxury and sophisticated comfort.

MAWD Townhouse Bedroom
Within the master bedroom, a muted colour palette takes center stage, highlighted by gentle champagne hues and complemented by wooden accents that provide a striking contrast. Tactile materials and organic shapes add a touch of texture and visual interest to the space.

MAWD meticulously curated every aspect of this private townhouse, ensuring that refined and long-lasting materials and finishes were carefully chosen at every turn. Each room showcases a thoughtfully crafted, custom-designed palette that reflects the distinctive character of the space.

MAWD Townhouse Sinks LATEST
The master bathroom is enhanced with understated patterns that introduce a captivating element of visual intrigue.
MAWD Townhouse Entrance
The dressing room offers a tranquil and soothing ambiance, creating a sense of serenity upon arrival.

The emphasis on symmetry and proportion are showcased throughout the bedroom and bathrooms, creating a harmonious feel.