450 Washington

New York
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Roger Ferris + Partners
No. of Units
176 Units
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Model Unit and Common Areas
FF&E Design and Amenities

Elevating Amenities for a 24/7 Lifestyle

A prime waterfront residence, 450 Washington stands out for its rich and layered furnishings, immersive amenities, and gallery driven collection of artwork. Supporting work, play, and rest — each amenity space has been thoughtfully designed to make the most of each resident's day.

MAWD approached the project through extensive persona driven research to determine which amenities would make the largest impact for residents. The result, a thoughtfully designed golf-simulator, communal dining room (with a hidden industrial kitchen), extensive co-working and flex spaces (including a library and multiple conference and Zoom rooms), in addition to an expansive rooftop deck with 360 degree views of the Hudson River and downtown Manhattan.

2022 11 04 Colin Miller 450 W 0002 7327
Multiple seating clusters, ribbed wood paneling, and pops of color helped to transform the lobby into a functional area for residents and guests.
SM2022 11 04 Colin Miller 450 W 0006 7642
450 Washington entrance.

Bringing Warmth, Comfort, and Culture into New York’s Coveted Tribeca Neighborhood

For the project, global interiors studio MAWD, worked closely with the New York based gallery Sugarlift, to procure a permanent collection for the residence.

Drawing on Tribeca’s rich artistic heritage and current cultural status (the neighborhood is home to a leading number of artists and galleries), MAWD aimed to draw in the neighborhood’s atmosphere, building a stand out collection with Sugarlift Gallery to compliment the residence’s communal and amenity spaces.

Through the placement of these works, Related’s 450 Washington has supported the local art ecosystem, from the gallery down to the artist, all the while enriching the cultural experience of the building’s own residents and guests.

2022 11 04 Colin Miller 450 W 0010 7534
Guests are greeted by the artworks of Vicky Barranguet upon entry to the lobby.
2022 11 04 Colin Miller 450 W 0020 8313 v2
A best in class golf simulator for focused practice, or fun.
Capturing the intrigue of Manhattan’s most coveted downtown neighborhood, our concept for 450 Washington was to bring the warmth, artistry, and heritage of Tribeca’s cultural hold into this waterfront project, crafting an unparalleled modern experience.
Elliot March, MAWD Co-Founder

Amenities that balance personalization, with flexibility

Central to a multifamily residence, are amenities that feel both personal, while being flexible enough to serve a wide variety of uses. Each of the amenity spaces within 450 Washington have been designed with this viewpoint in mind. The library, for example, is sumptuous, warm, and inviting - and more closely reminiscent of an individual's living room, rather than a community space. Multiple seating clusters and an expansive square footage provide residents with the privacy and flexibility to adjust the space to their unique needs.

2022 11 04 Colin Miller 450 W 0023 8537 v2
Warm, rich, and inviting, the library's fireplace and multiple seating clusters provide a welcoming, yet flexible space for residents.
2022 11 04 Colin Miller 450 W 0011 8129 1
The expansive rooftop provides multiple sections for guests to dine, cook, relax, sit, work, and play.