Lantern House

New York
Related Companies
Heatherwick Studio
No. of Units
181 Residences
Project Scale
Two Towers + Amenities
Interior Architecture & FF&E Design for all areas

Making an Icon a Home

From the moment Thomas Heatherwick and Heatherwick Studio conceived of the design for Lantern House’s modern bay windows, the Related Companies project was destined to become one of the city’s most notable residential buildings. The challenge would be to translate the eye-catching exterior into an aesthetically aligned, comfortable interior. As Heatherwick himself said, “The design for Lantern House came from looking at the city’s existing buildings and thinking about which one you might want to live in, not just look at.”

Enter MAWD, which used its Experience-Centric Design process to design an interior that complemented both Heatherwick’s vision and the residents’ lifestyles.

2021 04 07 Colin Miller Lantern 0006 1606 v2a 2
Rich detailing defines the finishes throughout the entrance and lobby.
2021 04 07 Colin Miller Lantern 0056 2287 v3a 1
Lantern House’s modern bay windows overlook New York's famous High Line.
The interiors are designed by March and White Design, which aimed to create modern rooms that nevertheless recall the handcraftsmanship and rich materiality of the past.
Lantern House
2021 04 07 Colin Miller Lantern 0031 0990 v3a
Heatherwick Studio and MAWD won NYCxDesign's award for Large Multi-Unit Housing for Lantern House.

It Starts with the Experience

Beginning with in-depth audience research, the team then created mood boards with inspiring images and materials based on the project’s context. They studied the building’s architecture and setting on the High Line, knowing it would be critical to ensuring a cohesive relationship between the interior and exterior.

In keeping with the building's ethos of prioritizing quality craftsmanship, every detail of the interiors, from floor to ceiling, was considered and precisely placed. This balance between elegance and utility resulted in fresh, radiant spaces that channel a voluptuous tranquility through texture, surface, and depth.

2021 04 07 Colin Miller Lantern 0036 2536 v3a
For a quieter evening of study or a relaxed glass of wine before dinner, residents can withdraw to the library lounge.
2021 04 07 Colin Miller Lantern 0011 1848 v4a
The High Line’s historic support beams act as a focal point in the lobby.

“We started with something incredible,” said Elliot March, MAWD co-founder. “We were stunned by Thomas Heatherwick’s approach to the architecture, which was subtle and beautiful. The High Line cast a gentle, organic fluidity to the familiar industrial glazing.”

2021 04 07 Colin Miller Lantern 0063 2818 v3a 1
Lantern House boasts incredible views of the New York skyline.

Designed from the inside, out

The residences themselves are defined by soaring, dramatic bay windows that illuminate elegant yet relaxed interiors. The radiant, loft-like spaces pair heritage brick and bronze materials with stone, marble, and the warm patina of oak. In the kitchens, fluting detail unites the wood and glass cabinetry, providing dimension, and clean lines are reflected throughout the space.

The result is a layered richness that feels harmonious and cohesive.

03 Lantern House March and White Design Model Kitchen Photo Courtesy of Related Companies by Colin Miller
MAWD designed the kitchens at Lantern House for maximized efficiency, sleek design and comfort, in rich, light-filled spaces.
12 Lantern House March and White Design Model Shower Photo Courtesy of Related Companies by Colin Miller
Opulent design and the finest materials are hallmarks of every bathroom at Lantern House.

What you see is where you live

As designed by MAWD, the residences feature high-end details that enhance the focal point: the signature three-dimensional corner bay windows with panoramic views.

Authentic High Line Living

The interiors, which were driven by authentic materials, clever details and smart programming, are designed to transform from day to night. Timeless yet playful, luxurious yet comfortable and familiar, they reflected the integrated lifestyle of a West Chelsea resident – amenity spaces can be used for work, events, wellness and entertainment.

Residents will have access to premier services from a dedicated team of experienced professionals, who offer as much or as little service as desired.

2021 04 07 Colin Miller Lantern 0053 2306 v5a
The casual co-working lounge features communal tables for informal business meetings, creative work, group meetings, or tutoring sessions.
2021 04 07 Colin Miller Lantern 0050 9716 v3a
Entertainment facilities include a game room with billiards and shuffleboard, and a screening lounge with a seventy-five-inch screen.
The team at MAWD said they tapped into their experience designing private members clubs in Europe, to create spaces that easily transform from day to night and are intended to be used for both work and play.
2021 04 07 Colin Miller Lantern 0040 2506 v4a
Co-working space by day, residents’ lounge by night, clever programming accounts for 24/7 living
2021 04 07 Colin Miller Lantern 0045 2597 v3
Residents can gather twenty guests for a dinner party in the private dining room and bar.

Day-to-Night Amenities

The intimate yet sophisticated private dining room and adjoining lounge are designed for maximum flexibility, and the amenities space to feel like an extension of the home.

2021 04 07 Colin Miller Lantern 0041 2555 v3
It was crucial for the eye-catching architecture and clever interiors to work together in harmony.
2021 04 07 Colin Miller Lantern 0034 2962 v3a
Combining an urbane, cosmopolitan attitude with a local approach, and the lifestyle and liveliness of the West Chelsea neighbourhood was key to the solution.
2021 04 07 Colin Miller Lantern 0072 0719 v5a
Lantern House’s pool sits at the heart of the building’s lifestyle.
2021 04 07 Colin Miller Lantern 0083 0065 v8a
The wellness & gym spaces have been designed by MAWD to have an overarching warm hospitality edge