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During the pandemic, there was a point when it seemed that the world—and the workplace—might have changed irrevocably. Would offices be left empty? Would teams and entire businesses exist only in a digital world? Would anyone ever want to leave WFH behind for the time-consuming nature of a commute?

Two years later, none of these fears have proven to be the case. If anything, people are more enthused about the renewed separation between 'work' and 'home.’ Not to mention having a place to go to feel connected physically, rather than just digitally. And yet, key changes have emerged which have forever changed the office landscape. When we spoke about our Key Design Drivers for 2022 earlier in the year, it was clear that if office spaces were to attract tenants, a new generation of amenities would be a critical factor in determining their success. As an extension of this trend for experience-based offices, the lobby has changed from a transitory place with a screen here and there, to an immersive space that brings people together through a fusion of art, technology and Experience-Centric Design.

Case Study: The Wingate, London

Increasingly, decision makers and tenants are looking for ways to connect the building to its location—and The Wingate is no exception. Set in the heart of Soho, MAWD collaborated with London gallery Edel Assanti to commission artist Nathanial Rackowe to produce an installation that activates and transforms the arrival space. Rackowe uses light to structure space, emulating the way it delineates buildings, city blocks and streets. Inspired by the architectural proportions of the Wingate and the setting of Soho, his installation is a focal point for the lobby, mirroring Soho’s atmosphere as daylight fades into night.

As art and technology collide, the arrival sequence is becoming far less of an afterthought—and more a significant space that benefits key decision makers, tenants and visitors alike.

Activate The Lobby with Your Brand Story

As our physical and virtual lives continue to merge, this new trend in digital artwork takes its inspiration from retail, hospitality and event design to shape a distinct welcome for today's office communities. For tenants, it also brings the opportunity to generate a greater sense of desirability and connection: By narrating your brand’s values through a digital art piece, you can create unique and memorable experiences that foster engagement and a sense of community from the moment of arrival.

The Lobby as the New Wellness Space

As part of our Experience-Centric Design process, creating spaces where people live, move, work and play continues to shape everything we do here at MAWD. Yet, while fitness studios, personal training pods, spas and other wellness amenities continue to evolve, the arrival sequence is a space that has traditionally been overlooked. Light installations and projected images can tap into and shift guests’ moods, transforming the lobby from a calming space in the morning, to a more energizing place in the afternoon.