MAWD Dubai

Branded residences are leading the charge in forward-thinking living, blending world–class design with brand loyalty and the highest level of service. Offering unique amenities, and immersive experiences for global elites wanting a “signature and serviced” lifestyle like no other.

As a market trend, the data is certainly compelling: supply levels are forecast to exceed 1,100 schemes by 2027, nearly doubling current supply levels, according to Savills. The Middle East and Asia Pacific have seen 400% and 216% increases, respectively, in their levels of supply of schemes over the last decade, and some of the fastest-growing global locations include London, Miami, NYC and Dubai, with Saudi Arabia and Qatar also experiencing rapid growth.

The rise of branded residences: why now?

For hoteliers, the draw is clear: amplifying the brand increases both developer and consumer confidence, making branded residences resilient, even in adverse market conditions. For occupants, branded residences provide the balance, freedom and service levels sought by a growing number of HNWIs in their 40s and above, as well as a discerning younger generation.

New horizons: Thriving labelled living in the Middle East

Dubai has firmly established itself as a prime destination for redefined residential, with over 40 branded residences already in place, the city is set to witness the addition of over 30 new residential developments, further cementing its position as a top choice for discerning homeowners.

3 ways MAWD approaches branded residence design

Here at MAWD, with a portfolio that includes multiple large–scale residential developments, each with over 10,000 sqft of amenities, we are well–placed to deliver cutting–edge design for new branded residences worldwide.

There are 3 key drivers to our design approach:

1. Using design to build brand loyalty

Building brand loyalty is good for the hotelier, good for the developer, and good for the occupant. Global elites are seeking urban upscale (often second) homes, life–enriching investments, and preferencing hotel brands they already recognize and love. Well-known brands that already have a reputation for exceptional design and personalized service also have the advantage of attracting new customers wanting a seamless guest experience in a place that feels like home.

What was once a niche market has now evolved into a diverse industry, offering designers the opportunity to collaborate with different brands. We recognize that affluent travellers seek immersive and authentic adventures, property buyers are in search of something that truly elevates their lifestyle.

2. Understanding demographics to create exceptional homes

In bringing a wealth of experience from the residential and hospitality sectors, MAWD are experts at understanding global demographics and local context. Going forward, demand for branded residences will come from the growing HNWI community who want to spend their time in multiple destinations. As such, branded residences bring the advantage of assured quality, with rich design details such as lighting, material selection and modern finishes creating a warm ambience and a homely feel. This demographic also places a high value on optimized planning (including spaces for wellness and work) inside the home, along with an overall impression of the building being firmly rooted in the local context.

There’s a powerful synergy between how hotels focus on understanding their audience and how we approach every project: with an occupier–first mindset that ensures the end result holds maximum appeal.

3. Elevating the everyday with unique experiences

What sets branded residences apart is the comfort of personalized assistance, service and amenities curated specifically to meet occupants’ needs. The ongoing asset management by the operator offers owners security (particularly if they are only there part-time), while the amenities may range from spa and wellness centres to outdoor terraces, rooftops, restaurants, and places to meet friends.

As with all our projects, the key was to tailor the amenities to occupant desires and lifestyles, ensuring immediate and long–term appeal. Guests can expect unwavering certainty in their experience. That is the defining attribute that sets branded residences apart.

Drawing on our extensive residential and hospitality background, MAWD are global experts at creating a guest experience with the warmth and comfort of a place that truly feels like home.