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Get ready to meet the amazing individuals who bring the MAWD studios to life. Introducing our new series, Design Talks, where we proudly showcase our talented, funny, and global staff members. They are the creative geniuses behind the captivating projects we design, making our workplace an absolute joy. Join us as we bring their stories and talents directly to you.

MAWD Paola final

Paula Casadevall, one of MAWD's Senior Interior Designers has been with the company for over three years and worked across multiple sectors including hospitality, residential and commercial.

Three Tarns col between the Crinkle Crags and Bowfell Lake District
The Three Tarns, Cumbria

We are curious to know where your passion for interior design originated from. Was it from your childhood, family, or a specific experience?

I’ve always enjoyed drawing and painting from a young age. I started taking art lessons from 6-7 years and remember learning different drawing techniques, alternative ways of creating and designing. I found it fascinating! I guess growing up the interest in design and architecture became more evident within my career choices.

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Project FF&E selection

Is there a particular country that has played a significant role in your inspiration or education of design and architecture?

Being from Barcelona, Gaudi architecture and design has definitely influenced my education as a designer. I love Danish furniture and Italian furniture, it will always have a special place in my heart and always makes me smile.

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What are your favourite places in London right now, and why?

They are always evolving as is London. But I would always welcome a coffee in my old neighbourhood in Broadway Market or visiting a design exhibition around Southbank.

Being from Barcelona, Gaudi architecture and design has definitely influenced my education as a designer.
Molteni C Gio Ponti D 153 1 Armchair 01 1920x1102
Gio Ponti D.153.1 designed by Gio Ponti and produced by Molteni&C

Where are you finding inspiration these days?

From trips to different countries, meeting new people, movies, nature and I love hiking so I try to find an excuse to visit a new place whenever I can. Attending design shows and exhibitions is also a must. And obviously, on a daily basis main platforms online such as Pinterest, Instagram, Dezeen, design blogs like est living, Yatzer design and design magazines as darc magazine, *wallpaper or Elle Decoration.

What is your most recent, favourite design or project you have worked on at MAWD?

EGG Japan was my first start to finish project in MAWD. We worked on this project through covid so all our client and coordination meetings were via Zoom calls. We used to received weekly site updates via a virtual tour online. Engaging and working closely with the client’s team across the project was a wonderful experience.

Egg japan bar lounge
EGG Japan

Describe what work life at MAWD is like in three words.

Motivating, Collaborative and Innovative