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For the second in the series of our Design Talks, we speak to Sean Hungwe, who is located in our London studio. Each and every team member of MAWD are the creative geniuses behind the captivating projects we design, making our workplace an absolute joy. Join us as go behind the scenes and bring their stories and talents directly to you.


Interior Designer Sean Hungwe has been at MAWD for almost 3 years. He is currently working on a project in Jeddah, and a very exclusive tower in Doha that has an abundance of luxury hospitality offerings. Previous projects include No.1 Knightsbridge and EGG Tokyo. Below he chats with us about his inspiration of fashion ateliers, social media and Moroccan bejmat tiles.

We are curious to know where your passion for interior design originated from. Was it from your childhood, family, or a specific experience?

It was a specific experience. Growing up I used to watch a lot of Grand Designs and in school, Art and Design and Technology were my favourite subjects but I never really knew what that would lead to in terms of a career. It wasn’t until I went to University where I was introduced to Interior and Spatial Design and from then, I fell for the career and grew a deeper understanding of what it meant to be an Interior Designer.

Is there a particular country that has played a significant role in your inspiration or education of design and architecture?

Japan has always been an inspiration to me regarding design. I have always been a fan of Tadao Ando, Kengo Kuma and Yohji Yamamoto. Although a fashion designer, I think there is a lot of inspiration that can be taken from the fashion industry.

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Sean's inspiration
Japan has always fascinated me when it comes to design. I'm a big fan of Tadao Ando, Kengo Kuma, and Yohji Yamamoto.

What are your favourite places in London right now, and why?

The Outernet building in London is actually really cool, I just like how it looks and how much attention it draws in. Its also a hub as there is so much that goes on around there at the moment. I recently visited The Wolseley and that was a really beautiful space, I like how intimate but elevated the space feels.

Where are you finding inspiration these days?

Social Media, Instagram to be exact. Social media is great as it allows you to connect with so many suppliers and see so many things you wouldn’t get to see due to distance. I was recently watching a post about Moroccan bejmat tiles and the process that goes behind making them.


What is your most recent, favourite design or project you have worked on at MAWD?

There is a pitch, I currently can not talk about but that was great to work on, that was fun and a really different design, I was out of my comfort zone and being challenged, which is something I enjoy. No.1 Knightsbridge is my favourite completed project that I worked on in the last three years at MAWD.

MAWD one knightsbridge Fireplace
No.1 Knightsbridge

Describe what work life at MAWD is like in three words.

Stretching, stimulating and collaborative