Mitsubishi Estate


MEC Japan

No. of Units


Project Scale

20,000 sqft


Interior Architecture & FF&E Design



The refurbishment and expansion of EGG is driven first and foremost by an increasing need for collaborative spaces.

Situated in the heart of Marunouchi, Tokyo’s business district, EGG is a business community supporting overseas companies looking to expand into Japan, as well as growing Japanese businesses aiming to expand globally. Located in the Shin-Marunouchi Building, a famous high-rise owned by real estate developer Mitsubishi Estate, EGG features commercial offices alongside the M Cube, an innovation community run by Mitsubishi Estate which is a renewal of the Tokyo 21c Club – a community designed to support business development for start-up businesses.

Egg japan workspace Egg japan workspace

For EGG, we chose to focus on the businesses and people who will work there over the coming years and create connections with them through design.

— James White
Egg japan lounge Egg japan lounge
Egg japan bar lounge Egg japan bar lounge

Open desk and lounge areas reiterate the sense of collaboration alongside an F&B area in which to relax and socialise, whilst dedicated working desks in quiet corners offer opportunities for privacy.

Egg japan lounge seating Egg japan lounge seating

Tech enabled focus booths, meeting booths and rooms in a number of different sizes and configurations provide flexibility to suit the needs of the modern-day tenant.

Egg japan work booth Egg japan work booth
Egg japan boardroom Egg japan boardroom

Conscious design approach

Foresso, a material derived from timber waste, is incorporated into the reception desk, while seashell wastage materials have been integrated into the kitchen design and acoustic panelling made from recycled plastic bottles is used in meeting booths. By creating stories around these materials that are better for the planet, MAWD hopes to encourage the innovation of more sustainable materials.

Egg japan booths Egg japan booths

MAWD’s approach has been customer centric and forward-thinking from the start of our collaboration. The resulting project interior really connects with our vision for EGG - it’s sophisticated and relaxed, with the comfort of a residential home and the flexibility required of a modern workspace.

— Yoshi Hiraguchi, Mitsubishi Estate
EGG JAPAN Communal EGG JAPAN Communal
Egg japan central seating Egg japan central seating

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