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Heatherwick Studio

No. of Units

180 Residences

Project Scale

2,500 sqft


Interior Architecture & FF&E Design for Model Residence & Building


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A Family Residence at Lantern House

In keeping with the building's ethos of prioritizing quality craftsmanship, every detail of the interiors, from floor to ceiling, was considered and precisely placed. This balance between elegance and utility resulted in fresh, radiant spaces that channel a voluptuous tranquility through texture, surface, and depth.

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March and White designed the rooms to feel open, letting natural light—which, refracted through the bay windows, creates all sorts of interesting patterns—be the star.

— Robb Report
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Heatherwick Studio + MAWD

“We got to work with Thomas early on in the process of developing the bay windows, so interiors and architecture were having a conversation right from the get-go, which is fantastic,” principal Elliot March tells Robb Report.

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Designing for the Audience

"This particular three-bedroom is designed to be a family home, a buyer profile that March notes was top-of-mind for Lantern House," says Helena Madden in Robb Report.

More and more families are attracted to Lantern House's West Chelsea location, which is home to cozy restaurants and independent boutiques on side streets and a busy nightlife scene along Eighth Avenue (and nearby). The neighborhood also has around 200 art galleries, mostly in the 20's west of 10th Avenue. The High Line, which runs along old repurposed elevated freight train tracks, is among New York’s most visited sites and serves as an unusual leafy spine for Chelsea.

Related-Lantern-House-custom-girls-bedroom Related-Lantern-House-custom-girls-bedroom
Related-Lantern-House-boys-bedroom Related-Lantern-House-boys-bedroom

Prioritizing the Experience

Elevated design doesn't have to be stuffy. The decor for MAWD's model residence at Lantern House reflects the EXCD approach, which puts the audience at the heart of the creative process.

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