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5,000 sqft


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Showcasing an Architectural Icon

MAWD designed the sales suite for Lantern House to authentically reflect the interiors to potential residents prior to the building being complete. The intention is not only to showcase the aesthetic and finishes but to communicate a holistic interpretation of the building's lifestyle. Located next door to Lantern House, the sales suite is where many future residents will become familiar with their new home.

lantern-house-related-sales-suite-lobby lantern-house-related-sales-suite-lobby

The interiors are designed by March & White, which aimed to create modern rooms that nevertheless recall the handcraftsmanship and rich materiality of the past.

— New York Times
lantern-house-related-sales-suite-entrance lantern-house-related-sales-suite-entrance
lantern-house-related-sales-suite lantern-house-related-sales-suite

Materiality Takes Center Stage

Crucial to the sales and marketing team, the sales suite showcases the stone, wood and texture that will be placed in Lantern House during construction. Future residents need to be able to touch and feel the materials to fully understand the quality inherent to the design choices made on behalf of Lantern House.

lantern-house-related-sales-suite-gallery lantern-house-related-sales-suite-gallery

Raising the Bar

The bar in the sales suite, featuring dark stone with dynamic movement and a mirror-backed bookshelf, was a favorite of the MAWD design team.

lantern-house-related-sales-suite-bar lantern-house-related-sales-suite-bar
lantern-house-related-sales-suite-living-dining lantern-house-related-sales-suite-living-dining
lantern-house-related-sales-suite-kitchen lantern-house-related-sales-suite-kitchen

The Heart of the Home

As the kitchen is central to many homes, the place where families eat, laugh, talk and entertain, the two kitchen palettes, one lighter and one darker, were on display in the sales suite. Many residents make a decision as to their future home based on the kitchen, and MAWD took extra care with its design.

lantern-house-related-sales-suite-cocoa-kitchen lantern-house-related-sales-suite-cocoa-kitchen

Detailed Craftsmanship

The fluted kitchen cabinets, designed to play with the light that streams through Lantern House's iconic windows, were replicated in detail in the sales suite.

lantern-house-related-sales-suite-bathroom lantern-house-related-sales-suite-bathroom
lantern-house-related-sales-suite-master-bathroom lantern-house-related-sales-suite-master-bathroom

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